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A true talent should first possess a noble moral character. It should be honest, honest, and self-dedication. Tongya Company requires employees to have integrity and honest character first, and at the same time, "Ambiguity", "Integrity", "Courage" and“Witness”.That is, modesty, trustworthiness, courage to face difficulties, strategies, and ability to adapt.

The only real resource of the enterprise is people. Tongya has the heart of love, the eye of knowing talents, the quantity of talents, the method of using talents, the courage of protecting talents, the virtue of talents, and the side of Yucai. As long as it is a talent, as long as it has the ability, it will certainly provide a broad stage in Tongya.

Those who dare to use more than the current leadership ability, make good use of people with edges and corners, reuse innovative people, and do not seek full blame. Tongya adheres to the principle of employing the principle of “German is the first, talent is the best, and it is applicable”. It has formed a unique educational mechanism of “receiving talents by culture, cultivating talents by career, and motivating talents by ideals”. To build a high-quality, hard-working talent team, making it the mainstay of the development of Tongya, is the most valuable asset of Tongya.


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