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"ERP Informatization Project Initiation Conference" was held smoothly

In order to meet the rapid development needs of the company, our company held the "ERP Project Start-up Conference" on October 26, 2018 at 13:30 p.m. in Conference Room 1. Zhu Qingkai, general manager of the company, heads of departments and ERP project implementers participated in the meeting, which was chaired by Zhou Xiuting, manager of the Finance Department.

Firstly, Zhou Xiuting, the manager of finance department, explained the necessity of upgrading the ERP system and read out the Notice of Establishing the ERP Project Team of the Company, which laid the foundation for the rapid advance of the follow-up ERP project and laid the foundation for the upgrading of the company's information management. Subsequently, Ms. Dong, the project manager of ERP project implementation company, gave a detailed explanation on the overall promotion plan of the project, the construction of the implementation team, the implementation methods and the construction of specific functional modules. The participants also consulted and discussed the business sectors, functions and implementation methods involved.

Finally, Zhu Qingkai, general manager of the company, summarized the conference. Zhu attaches great importance to the implementation of this project and gives important instructions: first, to ensure the integrity and reasonable construction of the system module; second, relevant departments cooperate with the implementation units to do a good job of investigation and approval of basic data, so that the implementation process is meticulous and in place; third, to decompose the overall promotion plan and implement it to the departments, and complete it smoothly according to the specified time nodes. On schedule.

Every change of the company will promote the rapid development of the company. The start-up and implementation of the ERP project marks a substantial breakthrough in the company's operation status, and opens the curtain of the company's comprehensive information construction. The company is taking resource sharing, improving management and increasing per capita efficiency as the direction of information management. With the joint efforts of all our colleagues, Tongya Company is realizing a bigger dream.

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