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Intensive Farming Forward --- The Spring Festival of the 2019 Tongya Company has come to a successful end

Singing and dancing to celebrate the Spring Festival. On January 19, 2019, at 16:30, the grand ceremony of the 2019 New Year's Eve of Tongya Company was solemnly opened at Baihuatin International Hotel. Around the New Year theme of "Intensive Farming Forward", we can start our New Year's thinking! In addition to all the staff of Tongya, the participants also invited veteran staff, advisory team, partners and special guests to attend.

At the beginning of the annual meeting, General Manager Zhu Qingkai extended New Year's greetings to all Tongya colleagues. Firstly, it summarizes the growth and change of the company in 2018, the shortcomings and bottlenecks of the company; secondly, it puts forward the work objectives of 2019; finally, Zhu reviews the difficult course that the company has gone through since its establishment, as well as the future development plan of the company. The company's future will be more brilliant.

Subsequently, new employee representatives, old employee representatives who grew up with the company and quality technology leaders made speeches to express their gratitude to the company and their determination to follow the company's common development.

The annual conference of Tongya is also the Spring Festival Gala of Tongya people themselves. This year's annual meeting will promote the old and bring forth the new, adopting new technologies and forms. For example, we recorded New Year's Video for each department in advance, connected people who failed to attend the annual meeting because of their business trip, arranged the old photos of Tongya into a book for everyone to recall, the whole annual meeting was brilliant and meaningful, and brought the whole annual meeting festival to a climax.

Finally, Zhu delivered a toast to all of you with new wishes and expectations. Let's all raise our glasses and wish Tongya Company prosperity and success. The grand annual meeting ended satisfactorily at the dinner party...

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